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The name Phine Consulting was chosen in recognition of The Golden Number - Phi. Phi is known as the 'Golden Number' or 'Golden Ratio' because it appears throughout art, science and nature and has properties which make it a very special number. We discovered Phi during the Future Royal Yacht project, whilst researching how to make things look beautiful. The initial finding was a golden rectangle - which looks just right and forms the building block for many structures, forms and images which are considered beautiful by generations of admirers. For a quick reference - a credit card is the shape of a golden rectangle.

Our philospohy is that "if it looks right - it probably is right". This is beautifully illustrated by Phi. Phi has properties of self similarity, the basis of fractals. This is important to us when developing or improving business processes - complex and unique projects can be built from the smallest standard building blocks.

Phi is embedded in mathematics, science and technology - it was discovered by the Greeks and is essential in the formation of regular Pentagons and Pentagrams (five pointed stars). It also forms the basis of many other shapes and forms - some examples are included below:





Platonic Solids

Golden Rectangles and Fibonnacci


Logarithmic Spiral - Shells


Planetary Motion

Penrose Tiling



Human Factors

Further research in various fields occasionally demonstrates that Phi is the basis of many natural properties, leading to references to Phi as 'The Divine Ratio'. To find out a lot more about the Golden Number, visit its website at