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Hill House, Old Coach Road, Ford, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 8RS.

Matthew Hood, Managing Director and Principal Consultant, is a Chartered Engineer and professional project manager with 25 years experience of delivering projects in the defence and rail industries.

Phine Consulting assists with project planning and assesment, benefits management, requirements management, investment appraisal and business cases. Our staff have previously worked for Westinghouse Rail Systems Ltd and the Ministry of Defence in many different roles. Matthew was responsible for managing high technology projects up to 150M and has led teams of more than 20 people.

Our project experience includes:

Managed Site Connectivity - part of the Defence Fixed Telecommunications Service (MoD)

Joint Command and Control Support Programme (JC2SP) (MoD)

Future Aircraft Carrier (MoD)

WESTWatch - Remote Condition Monitoring of Signalling Systems

SPECTRA - Signalling data Preparation, Evaluation and Control Table tool for Railway Applications

WESTeX - Level Crossing Improvements

Landing Ships Dock (Auxiliary)

HMS SCOTT - Ocean Survey Vessel

Future Royal Yacht

Eurofighter Typhoon

Type 23 'Duke Class' Frigates


Matthew Hood holds the following qualifications and memberships:

Chartered Engineer - 1994 No. 435224

Member of Royal Institution of Naval Architects - 1994

Royal Corps of Naval Constructors

Master of Science in Naval Architecture - UCL 1989

Bachelor of Engineering from with honours - UCL 1988

Member of the Association for Project Management - 1997

Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance - ACCA 1999

He has also completed numerous technical courses, including:

Ship Safety Management - MoD Ship Safety Mgmt Office

Reliability Engineering - RAF, CSDE

Systems Engineering Using UML - Artisan

Submarine Design Course - University College London

And a number of management courses, including:

Six Sigma Green Belt - Invensys

Higher Management Foundation Course - Ashridge Mgmt Centre

Leadership in Management - The Leadership Trust

Management of Defence Equipment Procurement - MoD

Management of Software Dependent Projects - MoD


Phine Consulting aims to do the best for its clients. We will abide by the following values:

In matters relating to a client's affairs we will act solely in the interests of the client;

Not enter into any arrangement which might detract from the objectivity and impartiality of advice given to the client;



We will disclose, at the earliest opportunity, any special relationships, circumstances or business interests which might influence or impair, or could be seen by the client or others to influence or impair our judgement or objectivity on a particular assignment;


We will foster the highest standards of professional competence required by the professional institutions;


We will comply with the letter and spirit of:

  • The law of any country in which we practise;
  • Contractual obligations;
  • Any guidance given by our governing professional institutions;

  • Keep confidential all confidential information regarding the client's business and staff;

    Reject any business practice which might reasonably be deemed improper;

    Only accept work for which we are competent and have the capacity to undertake;

    Agree terms of remuneration and the basis of calculation thereof with the client in advance or (see next point);

    Define and agree terms of engagement, the nature of an assignment to be carried out, how the work will be performed, the desired outcomes for the assignment, how performances will be evaluated, the terms of remuneration, and the basis of calulation thereof, and the provision for termination with the client in advance;

    Act with Fairness and integrity towards all persons with whom our work is connected.

    We are also very interested in seeing the preservation of the environment and take the following steps to help:

    Recycle waste to the greatest extent practicable;

    Use public transport, particularly for long journeys, where practicable;

    Consume organic products where they are available and affordable.