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Too many meetings?
Not involving all your stakeholders?

We facilitate workshops of your own team and stakeholders to achieve a specified objective. Typical workshops include Project Planning sessions, Critical Design Reviews and Stage Gate reviews.

The benefits of using Phine Consulting to facilitate workshops are:

Independent facilitation to ensure objective is achieved

Ensures involvement of all

Allows the project manager and team members to contribute fully

Maximises the value of many people attending

Avoids the risk of only producing a set of minutes and actions but making no real progress.

Phine Consulting will work with you to prepare workshop agendas, invitations and material. We can also organise venues and carry out, or monitor, follow-up actions if required.

Typical Workshops

  • Project Kick-off
  • Project Planning
  • Project Walkthrough
  • Team Building
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Project Risk Review
  • Stage Gate Review
  • Value Management
  • Initial Hazard ID
  • System Hazard Analysis
  • System Design
  • Systems Integration
  • Interface Definition
  • Product Design
  • Problem Solving
  • Project Management Plan Development
  • Systems Requirements Review
  • Product Requirements Review
  • Initial Design Review
  • Critical Design Review
  • Installation Readiness Review
  • Test Readiness Review
  • Commissioning Readiness Review
  • Options Development
  • Process Improvement
  • Strategy Development
  • Communications Planning
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment

  • Business Change

    Is your business going through change?
    Do you have to achieve challenging efficiency targets?

    We can help with introduction of new business systems, new organisations or new business processes. We specialise in preparing business process models which can be easily digested and used by your people.

    Do you have difficulty committing your best people to managing change projects? We can help resource and manage your improvement programme, whilst involving your people in generating ideas and bringing them to fruition.

    Many improvement programmes are managed through virtual teams. We can bring them together with facilitated workshops, or by visiting them in smaller groups and bringing all their ideas together to form a solution.

    We can carry out analysis and investment appraisal of your projects, to help you decide which are the most likely to succeed and deliver benefits. We can also take the burden of project controls and reporting off the key people Ė allowing them to concentrate on the improvement ideas and making them happen.

    Business Metrics are vital to delivering change. ďIf you canít measure it, you canít improve itĒ. We can help you develop and introduce business metrics and automated systems so that you can spend time making decisions, rather than number crunching and reporting.

    Project and Programme Delivery

    Are you short of the right resources?
    Do you have tight deadlines to meet?

    Phine Consulting can help you deliver your projects by carrying out specific tasks or managing work packages on your behalf. Using specialist knowledge in Systems Engineering, Project Management, Defence and Railway engineering and Naval Architecture we can help you complete those tasks for which you donít have the right resources.

    We can provide this service either by preparing documents or analysis independently of your people, or by interviewing team members and stakeholders and bringing their views together into a single report or presentation. We can also help you manage packages of work, particularly where they spread across organisational boundaries.

    We support project and programme managers by helping your team to complete tasks more quickly or by providing an independent professional view. We can also assist you in preparing presentations or reports that you simply canít find time to fit in.

    Product and Systems Development

    Phine Consulting can help you introduce new products, systems and services more quickly.

    We can help to evaluate the true cost of time to market and, using systems engineering disciplines and best practice project management, help you to reduce development times.

    Using facilitated workshops we can ensure that all stakeholders are being considered and the customers are getting what is most important to them. We can also provide facilitated workshops to help your team develop and select design options, identify and reduce risk and deliver a complete integrated system.

    We can also carry out discrete tasks, or provide independent assessment of your product ideas and design solutions. We can support product approval submissions and safety cases by helping your own team, or by preparing key reports and analysis.

    During testing and integration, you may encounter problems which threaten milestones or budgets Ė we can help you work through these, identify root causes and eliminate them, again by facilitating your own people and key stakeholders.

    Using our experience of systems integration, product introductions and safety approvals in the defence and rail environments we can help you avoid the pitfalls and deliver on time. An independent facilitator helps to bring the best out of your team and ensure that hierarchies and internal politics do not block progress.

    Product Lifecycle Management

    Phine Consulting can help you provide product support services and introduce PLM systems.

    We can help you to define, select and introduce Product Lifecycle Management systems. Such systems represent a major investment and require considerable planning and project management.

    We can also help with the development of remote monitoring systems. The key element being the delivery of management information from vast quantities of data, often to different users at the same time.

    Physical assets often need to be tracked throughout their lives. We can help with the introduction of asset tracking systems using electronic tags and hand held readers. This avoids the error prone process of writing down serial numbers, and transcribing them many times between different systems.