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Who can Phine help?

We have particular experience in the rail and defence industries and can use that experience of delivering complex, highly integrated systems to assist other industries.
If you are growing, changing, or struggling for resources, we can help.

What are the benefits of using Phine Consulting to help my organisation?

Financial Benefits

Phine projects have benefits of many times more than the cost. If we don't think this will be the case we will say so - and seek to define projects which will.

Phine Consulting can reduce the whole life costs of your products and services, particularly if we are engaged at the earliest stages. Many customer organisations are now seeking to minimise whole life costs. We can help you evaluate these and sell the benefit to your customers, who may be prepared to pay a premium up front to secure downstream benefits for them.

Non Financial Benefits

Staff satisfaction - through involvement in delivering improvements.
Better decision taking.
Better systems, designed to meet the customer's key requirements.

Phine Consulting also delivers the following benefits:


Team members gain a strong sense of ownership through involvement in decision making.
Strengths, weaknesses and preferred ways of working can be identified. Training addresses areas for improvement for all.


Projects delivered cheaper, faster and better.
Reduce the risk of overrun and overspend.
Project Managers can rely on team members.
Optimise programmes of projects for key and scarce resources.


Define or refine business process models which your people can relate to.
Eliminate waste in business processes.
Build on your teams' improvement ideas and bring them to fruition.


Reduce whole life cost and improve reliability using systems engineering at the earliest stages.
Reduce time to market for new products.
Reduce system integration risks.
Deliver products matching customers' needs.


Every Phine project delivers benefits within a few months and will break even within two years. We deliver some quick wins, followed by more substantial long term financial and non-financial benefits.